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23 October 2011 @ 09:41 pm
Fanmix: River Flows In You (Chihiro/Kohaku)  
Not sure if this is allowed. If it isn't, do tell me and I'll delete the post. 

Title: River Flows In You
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Movie: Spirited Away
Characters: Chihiro, Kohaku
Themes: Friendship, Pre-Romance, Adventure, Flangst
Rating: PG, just in case?
Warnings: Spoilers.
Music Genres: Woo, boy. Um… some folk music, celtic, alternative, instrumental, soundscapes, new age, ambience, indie rock/pop, dream rock/pop, etc…
Mix Info: Main compilation contains 32 songs, split into two .zip folders (Chihiro: 99.83mb | Kohaku: 126.81mb). There’s also a bonus track that consists of 4 songs (26.39mb).
About: Chihiro and Kohaku’s adventures, friendship, and subtext-y pre-romantic relationship. Rawr.
Notes & Disclaimer @ Journal.  | Mix info, track list, and download links @ Journal. 


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