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29 October 2011 @ 01:56 pm
Spirited Away Fanmix: The Man With No Face (Kaonashi)  
Title: The Man With No Face
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Series: Spirited Away
Characters: Kaonashi (No-Face), Kaonashi/Sen (one-sided, non-romantic).
Themes: Loneliness, obsession, unhealthy infatuation, emotional instability, human corruption, insinuations of a defunct, oppressive society, etc.
Music Genres: Classical, soundscapes, ambience, various rock genres (alternative, indie, metalcore, experimental, post-hardcore, downtempo, blues, etc), various pop genres (indie, alternative, dream), etc.
Mix Info: 25 songs  (18 w/ vocals (146mb), 7  instrumentals (46mb)) broken into two .Zip files. 
About: This mix focuses on “Kaonashi”, aka 'No-face'. 
Click image for further info, notes, track listings, and download links. 

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