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Hello! It's been so long since I was granted the honor to moderate this community. I'm so terribly sorry for the negligence. Like you all, I have a life that kept me so busy! I never even got to do anything worthy of this community T__T;

When I first took over this community, I had planned on having a new layout and doing other stuff that would get the members to interact with the fandom. But of course, that never happen. I'm so sorry, everyone! The layout I had been working on is nowhere to be found anymore. My PC crashed and I literally had to pick up the pieces again.

I've recently found more time and my love for Spirited Away and all things Miyazaki never went anywhere. So if anyone still pays attention to this community, there's still hope! And if that's so, I'm open to ideas of what you would all like to see here.

I don't know if anyone still checks in on this place, but if you do, say a quick hello!

Thank you!

♥ Sakayume

Chihiro/Haku Fanart

Title: Chihiro and Haku meet again
Fandom: 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away)
Pairing: Chihiro/Kohaku
Notes: I was re-watching this last week for studying purposes (believe it or not) and just had to draw this, I love this movie so much. Hayao Miyazaki has my eternal admiration!

 Chihiro to Kohakuteaser

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Fan Fiction Final Draft & Reflection

Title: Re-encountering Haku the Dragon
Author: pinguina_0827
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Chihiro, Haku, Chihiro's mother, Lin, Yubaba, Zeniba, Boh, Mika, Mamoru,
Summary: During Chihiro's time in the Spirit World, she developed a deep friendship with Haku, a white dragon who was an apprentice of a witch called Yubaba, who owned a bathhouse. Haku promised to meet Chihiro in the future but had not appeared at all for 7 years. Chihiro decided to forget Haku and go to college. 
Disclaimer: All rights are to Hayao Miyazaki, who is the creator of the movie.

Link to the post on another community: http://spiritedxaway.livejournal.com/84518.html

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When I was first introduced to the fan fiction assignment, I felt really nervous and inadequate. I felt that I could not even write a traditional paper well, not to mention writing a fan fiction, which demands careful planning of characters and plots. I had no idea what to write about at all two days until the due day. I struggled to develop the story at the beginning, especially since there were so many directions I could go and they all sounded equally good.  After consulting my parents and other friends, I decided to let Chihiro and Haku reencounter each other in college. Now that I’ve written it, I have to admit that this assignment was very interesting because I had so much freedom in terms of writing the plot and describing the characters. It was also easier than a traditional argumentative essay. After this assignment, I had a much better impressions of fans and their fan fictions. I feel that fans are very similar to movie producers or book writers. They both write stories about imaginary characters. The mere difference is  the producers and the book writers have the original. My beta partner showered me with compliments. He said that I should continue to expand the story. I truly appreciated his comment but thought that if I completed the story then there would be no room for my audience to imagine. I believe that if I leave more questions and space, it will be more interesting and get more popularity.

chihiro, sen

Two Spirited Away fanfics

Written for two different Yuletide fic festivals.

Title: By The World Forgot
Word Count: ~2900
Characters: Kamaji, Yubaba, Chihiro
Genre: gen
Rating: PG

Summary: "Have you always run the boiler room, Kamaji-san?" For genarti for Yuletide 2011.

At LJ / At DW / At FF.net / At A03

Title: Good Children
Word Count: 2,963
Characters: Chihiro, The Radish Spirit, Lin
Genre: gen
Rating: G

Summary: Chihiro has one last task to perform before lunch. Written for Snickfic for Yuletide 2009.

At LJ / At DW / At FF.net / At A03


Spirited Away Fanmix: The Man With No Face (Kaonashi)

Title: The Man With No Face
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Series: Spirited Away
Characters: Kaonashi (No-Face), Kaonashi/Sen (one-sided, non-romantic).
Themes: Loneliness, obsession, unhealthy infatuation, emotional instability, human corruption, insinuations of a defunct, oppressive society, etc.
Music Genres: Classical, soundscapes, ambience, various rock genres (alternative, indie, metalcore, experimental, post-hardcore, downtempo, blues, etc), various pop genres (indie, alternative, dream), etc.
Mix Info: 25 songs  (18 w/ vocals (146mb), 7  instrumentals (46mb)) broken into two .Zip files. 
About: This mix focuses on “Kaonashi”, aka 'No-face'. 
Click image for further info, notes, track listings, and download links. 

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Fanmix: River Flows In You (Chihiro/Kohaku)

Not sure if this is allowed. If it isn't, do tell me and I'll delete the post. 

Title: River Flows In You
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Movie: Spirited Away
Characters: Chihiro, Kohaku
Themes: Friendship, Pre-Romance, Adventure, Flangst
Rating: PG, just in case?
Warnings: Spoilers.
Music Genres: Woo, boy. Um… some folk music, celtic, alternative, instrumental, soundscapes, new age, ambience, indie rock/pop, dream rock/pop, etc…
Mix Info: Main compilation contains 32 songs, split into two .zip folders (Chihiro: 99.83mb | Kohaku: 126.81mb). There’s also a bonus track that consists of 4 songs (26.39mb).
About: Chihiro and Kohaku’s adventures, friendship, and subtext-y pre-romantic relationship. Rawr.
Notes & Disclaimer @ Journal.  | Mix info, track list, and download links @ Journal. 


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